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BONUS: Panel - Agriculture 4.0 Future of the Nation

This conversation asks some big questions of agriculture. What is the future of Australia’s food and fibre industries?

1 hour 23 min listen

Leading voices from agriculture, innovation and investment will challenge and discuss the opportunities for Australian agriculture – here in our backyards and across borders.

Everyone in this panel discussion was asked to speak freely and openly about the future of agrifoodtech in Australasia and what we need to do collectively to continue to grow and innovation.


  • John Harvey, Managing Director of Agrifutures Australia
  • Ethy Levy – The Bridge Hub
  • Emma Moss – EvokeAg Future Young Leader
  • Spencer Maughan – Finistere Ventures.
  • Facilitated – Jennie Brockie, Journalist and host of SBS’s Insight.
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The age of weaponized (mis)information

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Alpha Food Labs and Founder of The Future Market, Mike Lee shares his thoughts on the dangers of rapid misinformation in our increasingly digitised world and what the food industry can learn from the GameStop and WallStreetBet fiasco. Buckle up as Mike cuts through the noise of deep fakes, dubious food claims and why the stakes are so much higher for our food system, than the devastating loss of stock portfolios.

28 Apr 2021
5 min read


FLINTpro and environmental data tech

In a time where natural capital accounting is becoming hugely important in addressing the challenges of climate change, FLINTpro’s software simplifies data presentation and empowers policymakers, business leaders, and investors to take action.

16 Apr 2021
35 min listen