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Emily Herbert Journalist

Emily Herbert

Journalist | The Regional PR Co

Tamworth, NSW

Emily Herbert is a freelance journalist, copywriter and presenter, trained across digital, print and broadcast platforms, with experience in live crosses, breaking news, script writing and production.


A gifted storyteller with a sharp analytical mind, Emily is comfortable covering social, consumer, agricultural and political issues. From website copy and blog posts, to media releases and PR, Emily works both independently and alongside, “country publicist queen” Georgie Robertson from The Regional PR Co.


Regionally based between Tamworth in Northern NSW and New Zealand’s Wanaka, Emily loves sharing stories about country Australia with a distinctive and lyrical voice.

Milk without cows – how synthetic biology and dairy farmers can both win

Where they once went head-to-head at the negotiation table, Michael Hampson and Jim Fader are now combining forces to bring a lab-brewed, dairy-free milk to market. The pair say ‘Eden Brew’ could be a billion-dollar company – and they want dairy farmers to have a slice of the pie.

1 Dec 2022
4 min read

Goterra and Tenacious Ventures

Olympia Yarger and her startup, Goterra is the face that launched a thousand maggots and most recently, an $8-million Series A investment.

5 Aug 2020
4 min read