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Leigh Radford Events on Air

Leigh Radford OAM

Journalist | Presenter | Events on Air

Adelaide, SA

Leigh Radford OAM is an award winning journalist, presenter and skilled communicator. As National Head of ABC Rural, he led one of the largest networks of specialist rural reporters globally, and radio and TV programs including Landline, Back Roads, The Country Hour and Australia All Over.


Now, a partner in the Events on Air team, who covered the evokeAG. 2019 event. With 50 years combined media experience, the Events On Air team has a proven track record in the industry, as accomplished, successful and engaging broadcasters.



Rayali Banerjee in the evokeAG. Studio Podcast

Rayali began her journey into agriculture at the age of 13. After interacting with smallholder farmers in India, she questioned how consumers have access to fresh food in Australia whilst smallholder farmers struggle to feed families.

7 Apr 2019
8 min watch

Mark Swinkels in the evokeAG. Studio Podcast

Born and raised in Westland, the cradle of greenhouse horticulture, Mark  Zwinkels  knew  about  the importance  of  food and flowers before he could even walk.

7 Apr 2019
13 min watch

John Harvey evokeAG Studio Podcast

John Harvey is the Managing Director of AgriFutures Australia. Since the commencement of his role in 2016, he has set a new, more commercial direction for the organisation.

2 Apr 2019
12 min watch

Angeline Achariya evokeAG Studio Podcast

Angeline Achariya can see many possibilities for food and agribusinesses to collaborate and co-create not just new product innovations but new business models.

4 Feb 2019
9 min watch