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Steve Honner evokeAG. Podcast

Steve Honner

AgriFutures Australia | Farmer

Junee, NSW

Steve covers all things Food, Farm, Future as the host of the evokeAG. podcast, the show where we take a look at the agrifood technology and innovation that are changing the future of farming.


After moving away to Sydney for eight years, Steve is now living back on his farm in Junee. Alongside the podcast, Steve works with the evokeAG. team as the Sales and Partnerships Manager bringing a wealth of experience in the agribusiness sector, along with running his own farm and mixed crop-livestock system.

AgriWebb's investor journey to the UK

Fifth-generation livestock farmer and AgriWebb co-founder, Justin Webb shares his lessons on launching an Australian startup in the UK, how to access capital in complex economies and why knowing your market is everything.

20 Nov 2020
30 min listen

The new trend of food personalisation

Through increasing uncertainty, there is one guarantee - we will always need food. But how we consume food or the way we feed our growing population may soon look very different to the way we operate now.

4 Aug 2020
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Farmers of the Future

What will a future farmer look like? What jobs will they perform? What skills will that will entail and who else will bring expertise to the management of farm activities?

13 May 2020
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