Carbon neutral meat is coming to a supermarket near you

With a millennial mindset, James Madden is determined to evolve the red meat industry to ensure the produce remains in the shopping trolleys of his generational peers. Together with his father, David Madden, the duo are rolling out a number of sustainable and ethical projects within their meat distribution company. James will share his thoughts on traditional and non-traditional proteins, and whether there is room for both on the plate at evokeAG. 2020.

In December 2018, Flinders + Co. became the first meat company in the world to fully offset all carbon emissions from not only their business but every kilogram of meat they sell. This allows their customers, predominately high-end restaurant chefs, to list their produce as being ‘Carbon neutral’ on their menus.

The project forms part of the Flinders + Co. vision which is to ‘cultivate a better food world’.

“When you put into place a company vision, you need to back it up. We are targeting a millennial market and they have a fairly decent ‘BS detector’. We wanted to back our statements up with real actions,” James Madden, Managing Director of Flinders + Co. said.

Along with their completed carbon neutral project, James and his father have a number of other projects in the pipeline including going chemical-free which will see them installing a unique ‘E-Water’ system to remove the need to chemically sanitize and sterilise.

“I’m going to be working in this industry for another 30 years and I wanted to make a difference and make a mark. We also want our staff to leave with a sense of fulfillment. We have a big vision, but we understand that it’s the little details that really matter. Consistency, reliability, and a “get it done” attitude. These projects help make it happen.”

In due course, you will see James and David’s “guilt free” carbon neutral meat in a supermarket near you, for the first time in Australia.

“We’ll be breaking into the retail market, firstly with Harris Farm in Sydney. It’s exciting to be entering into the retail space. We hope our meat products turn the table and shift people’s perception that ‘meat is evil’.

“I’m a millennial and I have a strong understanding of the food trends and I saw a gap in the meat industry to respond to these trends. Not many competitors are selling to this market.”

Melbourne based Flinders + Co. distribute their meat to a number of high-end restaurants and gastro pubs within the region. James said they are a B2B wholesaler but always need to keep in mind where their produce is going.

“Chefs are selling to millennials and they are a group who demand and expect ethical, sustainable, local and healthy products. They are conscious consumers and the chefs we sell to are responding to these demands.”

James Madden will be speaking at evokeAG. 2020 and while the program is to be released at the end of October, we can reveal that his session will explore the traditional and plant-based meat divide.

“The session I’m speaking at evokeAG. will be very interesting. I am proud to be representing the meat industry and I want to take the opportunity to share my views. It will be interesting to hear the views of the other speakers.”

Don’t miss James Madden speak at evokeAG. 2020 at the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne at 18 & 19 February next year. Tickets are available online, with Student, Primary Producer and Group tickets available.

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