Five reasons to put evokeAG. on your ‘to do’ list for 2019

If you’re a foodie, a farmer or an agtech aficionado, you may already know that evokeAG. is the hottest agrifood tech event in town for 2019. But, just in case you missed the memo, we asked the team at evokeAG. to put together their top five reasons why you need to be ringside at this unmissable event in Melbourne on February 19 and 20.



Sustainable food is on your agenda

Get ready to taste the future… literally. Next generations could be sitting down to a plate of grasshoppers for dinner, eating salads grown in city warehouses and snacking on treats with less sugar devised by scientists working in a lab. What we will be eating in the future and how it will be produced is a central theme throughout the two day program at evokeAG. For the first time in Australia’s history, industry leaders, farmers, start-ups, innovators, researchers, universities, businesses, corporates, governments, and investors from around the world will come together to examine how science will change what we eat and just how it will end up in our pantries. Try some new-age produce on offer, including the world’s first molecular whiskey produced without ageing or distilling in a barrel. Produced in the US, Glyph whiskey will make it’s Australian debut in February.



You’re a tech nerd who loves innovation

Get ready to re-think farming … it’s no longer just tractors and paddocks. It may sound like a futuristic scene from a movie, but robots fitted with visual sensors could soon be used to harvest crops. It is just one of the ways artificial intelligence will create smarter and faster farming. Check out prototype robotic capsicum harvester nicknamed ‘Harvey’, combining robotic vision and automation expertise, just one example among the many incredible innovations set to be showcased at evokeAG.



People, the planet and profits excite you

Be on the frontline of exciting new technology that could change the world. Imagine being there when Steve Jobs first discussed his vision for Apple or when Elon Musk unveiled Tesla. Aside from the 50 global thought leaders sharing their incredible stories of perservance and success evokeAG. will also host 10 young entrepreneurs, known as Future Young Leaders who will take  the stage and present their ideas that they hope could revolutionise the agrifood tech industries. While they come from a diverse background, all of them share bold thinking and bright ideas for food and farming and all are hopeful that this unique opportunity could fast-track their way to success.



Food is thy medicine

Boost your health… scientists around the world are working on research to have us eating better. If you are looking to live longer, you could just find the secret at evokeAG. The rising interest in nutrition and wellbeing is already shaping just what we eat and how we live. Latest developments in this critical and growing sector will be discussed by a panel of experts including Dr. Chris Downs, Research Director at CSIRO, who has made a career from exploring the rising interest in personalised nutrition for health and wellness, and the ways in which the food industry is responding to the challenges of food production.



You want a sneak peek at future living

Be part of the agrifood revolution… know just what you are putting in your shopping trolley. evokeAG. is not just for those working in the food and agriculture sectors; it is for anyone keen to learn how technology is already shaping our future. Will we embrace food made in a lab and will it satisfy our tastebuds? Are we ready to see vertical farms in the city where crops are grown in warehouses instead of outdoors in fields? This informative two-day event will bring together leaders, scientists, farmers and researchers who will highlight, discuss and debate exciting developments surrounding the future of our food and how it will be produced. Startups will have an opportunity to showcase ideas, while think-tanks could problem solve issues faced by primary producers.


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