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Grassroots Series session six: The fundamentals of funding

If you want to know more about the VC investment process and what documents you’ll need when raising capital, watch the final Grassroots Series session with Ben Lee, founder of InvestiGro and Peter Huynh, Venture Capitalist from Qualgro discuss their experiences.

First up, Founder Ben Lee, CEO of InvertiGro, will paint a complete picture of how to get cash in the early stages. You’ll learn the lingo and get an idea of the different types of capital available to startups – VC and angel funding, bootstrapping, crowdfunding, and government grants, among other modes.

Next, we’ll chat with Peter Huynh, Partner at Qualgro VC, to learn about how venture capital works and he’ll share some tips to help when raising capital.


  • Ben Lee, InvertiGro
  • Peter Huynh, Qualgro
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$2 million budget for pre-farm gate waste investment

AgriFutures Australia has launched a new program to support novel solutions to repurposing and recycling existing pre-farm gate waste, that will help to align the primary industries with the National Waste Policy and supports the pathway to a circular economy. The Open call closes Tuesday 6 April 2021.

17 Mar 2021
3 min read


FLINTpro and environmental data tech

In a time where natural capital accounting is becoming hugely important in addressing the challenges of climate change, FLINTpro’s software simplifies data presentation and empowers policymakers, business leaders, and investors to take action.

16 Apr 2021
35 min listen