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How to create strong startup-investor relationships with Olympia Yarger & Matthew Pryor

"This week we talk to Matthew Pryor, co-founder of Tenacious Ventures, Australia's first dedicated agrifood venture capital firm and Olympia Yarger, founder and CEO of Goterra, a biotech waste management startup.

36 min listen

Tenacious Ventures recently announced its first co-led investment – worth $8-million – into Goterra that is set to transform the robot-managed modular insect farms, which convert waste into a valuable commodity for livestock.

Olympia and Matthew share their journey and the importance of building fruitful relationships geared to drive positive change and profitability.”

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Personalised nutrition and why fad diets are dead

Studies consistently show dieters rarely maintain their weight loss and often regain it with interest. With obesity and diabetes now the cause of many chronic health conditions, what’s the solution? Food Futurist, Tony Hunter shares his views.

16 Dec 2020
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AgriWebb's investor journey to the UK

Fifth-generation livestock farmer and AgriWebb co-founder, Justin Webb shares his lessons on launching an Australian startup in the UK, how to access capital in complex economies and why knowing your market is everything.

20 Nov 2020
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