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Pairtree and Syngenta partner to drive crop productivity and sustainability

Growers and agronomists are set to benefit from a new partnership between Pairtree Intelligence and Syngenta Australia – formed to deliver a farm data integration service, Farm Junction Point – offering easy-to-use paddock level insights for Australian farmers.

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Hamish Munro, Co-Founder of Pairtree Intelligence.

It is estimated that 80% of farmers manually review data from up to 10 different apps, hardware and software sources every day, to help make decisions to increase productivity or improve farming practices. This often-arduous process and integration challenge – where different digital services can’t ‘speak’ to each other – can limit farmers’ swift decision-making and roadblock productivity.

Overcoming these interoperability challenges and ‘data silos’ experienced in agriculture is a core focus of the new partnership between agritech software startup, Pairtree Intelligence and leading agricultural company, Syngenta Australia to enhance on-farm efficiencies and widen the scope for productivity gains and sustainability measures.

Two Syngenta staff members, Emma McClelland and Pete Wilson, on-farm in Wagga, New South Wales

The Pairtree and Syngenta project partnership recently received a $170,000 Accelerating Commercialisation Grant, as part of the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Program, that will be key in co-funding the completion of three commercial proof-of-concept trials to develop the agnostic farm data integration service, Farm Junction Point (FJP). The commercialisation support will also help to ensure greater crop health and better chemical selection at a global scale through overcoming disconnected data silos.

This technology will integrate loT, satellite, app, and software data to create localised and individualised decision support tools to reduce costs and increase yields for multiple crop types.

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Agritech partners collaborate to enhance interoperability

Pairtree’s track record of ‘translating’ data from various on-farm agritech devices will complement Syngenta’s ability to deliver farm specific disease prevention and crop health planning tools to farmers.

Combining farmers’ own weather data, with advanced weather forecasts and satellite imagery, will help to maximise productivity by increasing the accuracy of advanced crop health tools developed by Syngenta.

Pairtree Co-Founder Hamish Munro is excited by the partnership, and believes the opportunity to improve outcomes for Australian farmers is enormous.

“This is the start of something big. This project increases the accuracy of pest and disease modelling by enabling much more localised and accurate weather data from individual farms’ weather stations to inform the calculations that go into timely control application recommendations.

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“So many farmers already have agtech like digital weather stations. Our service is ‘agnostic’ in that we don’t mind which brand of weather station is used – we can integrate the data if the farmers give us permission to do so,” said Hamish.

The Pairtree team has proven that by enabling farmers to opt-in to sharing sensor and app data to third parties, there can be significant benefits to the farmer.

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Delivering user-friendly data for farmers

Syngenta’s Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, Paul Luxton said the on-farm insights delivered in a user-friendly way is game changing.

“This project will help farmers and agronomists deliver maximum productivity within the crops, by sustainably reducing weed, disease and pest pressures. It is the future of farming and one of the ways that the Australian agriculture industry will reach its target of being a $100 billion-dollar industry by 2030,” said Paul.

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Pairtree dashboard

Over the past four years, Pairtree has collaborated with key research and development bodies, including Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and SA Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA).

Pairtree was selected in the evokeAG. 2022 Startup Program in November 2021, alongside nine other Australian agritech startups and will participate in the first-ever Innovation Station at evokeAG. 2023 in Adelaide, South Australia.

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