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Pairtree Intelligence

Pairtree is an agnostic and independent dashboarding platform that enriches agtech providers and agribusiness data sets. Pairtree complements these data sets by providing a non-competitive ecosystem where farmers data can be viewed and stacked to make higher level decisions. The centralisation of data allows repeatable decision-making support with objective and subjective data that are generated from either internal or external data for the property. Bridging the gap from dis-connected operational data to ‘Centralised’ and ‘Converged’ decision support tools, is Pairtree’s Value proposition to Farmers, Australian Agtech providers and Industry.


For the first time, Pairtree allows farmers to access a single site to review the instrumental operational indicators that drive productivity and efficiency. Pairtree’s services both a B2B (agtech solution and supply-chain providers) approach, which aligns a greater suite of connected services for our B2C (direct to farmers), making Pairtree a scaleable platform. We focus on delivering better information and data sources to farmers but can work through the supply chain and solution providers to ensure farmer friendly data aligns to improve on-farm productivity and sustainability. Pairtree is designed around a SaaS model, which allows farmers to build their suite of dashboards relevant to their farm and supply chain. Solution providers can host dashboards to provide new services to farmers, which align with other on-farm activities and monitoring.


Pairtree connects networks (WiFi, LoRa, Sigfox, 3G/ 4G LTE and Satellite), IoT (Internet of Things sensors), software and apps and service providers (markets, weather, agtech) in a flexible platform. We have demonstrated to industry through collaboration with NSW DPI, MLA, WA DPIRD, PIRSA and TSBE these sites have had significant device numbers through multi-vendor and network scenarios. Pairtree has commercialised a number of farm-scale deployments for farmers that are frustrated with juggling technology and looking for the one dashboard.

Logo for Pairtree Intelligence
  • Founder/s

    Hamish Munro, Micky Young and Robbie Scott

  • Year founded


  • Country


  • Raising capital

    Preparing to raise capital late 2022

  • Event

    evokeAG. 2022

  • Seeking


  • Identified through

    evokeAG. 2020 & evokeAG. Startup Network

In The News

Universal dashboard offers streamlined solution for farmers

Key decisions for successful farm management rely on data, but how can you see the big picture when that information is spread across countless apps or computer programs? Innovative agritech startup Pairtree has created a solution for time-poor producers with a universal dashboard that captures and displays the essential data in one place.
1 Sep 2021
5 min read

evokeAG. 2022 Startup Program cohort announced

Fifteen of Australia’s most promising agrifood tech innovators have been handpicked to join the evokeAG. Startup Program to help them to build their capacity to attract investment and customers at the upcoming evokeAG. 2022 Sydney event.
30 Nov 2021
3 min read

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