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Crop protection is changing. By 2030, digital and biological will take more of the chemical insecticide market share. The way in which we deliver crop protection products is also changing. And this is where RapidAIM comes in. RapidAIM is a double-sided marketplace; pest news and alerts for farmers and a sales vehicle for crop protection companies.

Our platform technology using novel low-power sensors detects and discriminates insect pests at unprecedented granularity and scale. RapidAIM Pest News, Alerts & Forecasts is delivered to farmers, and granular pest information, real-time, historical and future predictions is delivered to crop protection providers. The result of early pest detection is reduced risk of loss and cost, increased efficiencies for farm workflow and more efficient delivery of crop protection products.

Logo for RapidAIM Pty Ltd
  • Founder/s

    Nancy Schellhorn, PhD; Darren Moore, Laura Jones

  • Country


  • Raising capital

    Series A

  • Event

    evokeAG. 2020

  • Seeking


  • Identified through

    evokeAG. 2020

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