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Rubens Technologies

Fruit growers can use our technology to assess the quality and maturity of their fruit without picking it. With a unique combination of spectral sensors and proprietary machine learning algorithms, we provide data on the commercial maturity of the fruit (for instance sugars, colour, firmness, etc) in real time and without damaging the fruit. The data will help the grower decide the optimal harvest time, for any given target market, and provide information on the optimal shipping (for instance air vs sea freight) or storage of the fruit. Overall, the data we generate enable the growers to accurately predict and guarantee the quality of the fruit they are shipping which enables fetching premium products on export markets and reducing the downsides of product recalls or downgrading.

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  • Founder/s

    Daniel Pelliccia & Leesa Soulodre

  • Year founded


  • Country


  • Raising capital

    Seed Funding AUD$500-$700,000

  • Seeking

    Customers, Investment

  • Identified through

    evokeAG. Startup Network

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