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The Desert Oasis: Challenging the status quo to shape sustainable food systems

On the edge of the desert in South Australia’s Port Augusta, vegetables grow abundantly in a landscape once deemed near impossible for food production.   

Now 15,000 tonnes of truss tomatoes thrive all year round, bringing life to the desert, using nothing but sunlight and seawater, known as concentrated solar power technology.

This ‘Utopian’ concept is led by Sundrop Farms, where people, planet and profit all come together in a holistic model, founded with food security and sustainability front of mind.

We recently caught up with Sundrop Farms to learn more about how this futuristic system all works.

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$2 million budget for pre-farm gate waste investment

AgriFutures Australia has launched a new program to support novel solutions to repurposing and recycling existing pre-farm gate waste, that will help to align the primary industries with the National Waste Policy and supports the pathway to a circular economy. The Open call closes Tuesday 6 April 2021.

17 Mar 2021
3 min read


FLINTpro and environmental data tech

In a time where natural capital accounting is becoming hugely important in addressing the challenges of climate change, FLINTpro’s software simplifies data presentation and empowers policymakers, business leaders, and investors to take action.

16 Apr 2021
35 min listen