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Are you an evokeAG. 2023 Future Young Leader?

Applications for the 2023 evokeAG. Future Young Leaders program are now open for 18 to 30-year-olds from Australia and New Zealand. Submissions close on Sunday, 3 July 2022.

With the support of the 15 Rural Research and Development Corporations, through the Council of RDCs, the Future Young Leaders Program is designed to build the capacity of emerging thought leaders while providing the opportunity to share their stories, passions and research for agriculture. The program will see seven Future Young Leaders selected to speak at AgriFutures evokeAG. 2023, with one voted in through a People’s Choice voting period. 

All seven Future Young Leaders will have the opportunity to work with an industry professional as their mentor, refining their idea and presentation in the lead up to the evokeAG. 2023 ‘Down to Earth’ event, on 21-22 February 2023 in Adelaide.

The scenario potential leaders must address in their application is: “You are standing on the main stage at evokeAG. 2023 in Adelaide in front of 1,500 agrifood innovation enthusiasts from around the globe – what do you want to say to them to capture their attention and create impact?”

AgriFutures Australia, General Manager Communications and Capacity Building, Belinda Allitt said while it was a big question, it’s one she thinks young agricultural leaders are up to the task of answering. 

“We know that there’s an abundance of young, passionate individuals across Australia and New Zealand who are motivated to deliver, develop, adopt and export our agrifood innovations to the world,” said Belinda. 

“The Future Young Leaders program gives them a platform to come forward and share their views, ideas, stories, passions, and research relating to food, agriculture and innovation. 

“AgriFutures Australia is incredibly proud to facilitate the program, with the support of our RDC peers. We are very much looking forward to having the seven leaders for the 2023 program announced later this year.” 

The 2023 cohort will receive one delegate ticket to attend the event as an evokeAG. ambassador where they will have the opportunity to network, capacity build and highlight their idea in front of an audience on the main stage. 

This will be followed by an exclusive ‘Future Young Leaders Evening’ aimed at facilitating conversations and connections between their cohort, partners, and key stakeholders. 

Inaugural evokeAG. Future Young Leader from 2019 Callan Daley encouraged anyone under the age of 30 in agriculture or agritech to throw their hat in the ring.

“I had to be really pushed and convinced to apply, but I can speak from experience that it is worth sticking your neck out and applying – in my case it was definitely worth it,” said Callan.

“In my cohort of young leaders was Jordy Kitschke and he was involved with MEQ Probe, a company that was providing a new solution that utilises machine learning to determine the quality of meat.

“Five days after evokeAG. 2019 I drove from Queensland to Adelaide to start working with Jordy at MEQ Probe and I’m still there today working as the Field and Operations Manager.

“The opportunity to be a Future Young Leader isn’t just about the evokeAG. event – it is what you choose to do with the opportunity and how you follow through with the investment that’s been made in you. That really makes you step up and make the most of what agriculture has to offer.”

Fellow 2019 evokeAG. Future Young Leader Emma Moss said regardless of the outcome, the application process is a worthy one for all future agricultural leaders.

“It’s a really powerful process and it helps you to clarify in your own mind what’s important to you and what your goals, morals and values are,” said Emma.

“I would urge all young leaders in agriculture not to undervalue their knowledge or experience, regardless of their age or location, and take up the challenge to define to themselves, what being a leader is and why agriculture is fundamentally important to them.

“The power of networking also cannot be underestimated, and that’s something that the evokeAG. Young Leaders Program offers in spades – I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Applications to the AgriFutures evokeAG. 2023 Future Young Leaders Program close on Sunday, 3 July.

For more information about the Future Young Leaders Program visit: and email any queries to [email protected]. 

Sponsorship of the Future Young Leaders program is a collaboration between Australia’s 15 Research & Development Corporations (RDCs) through the Council of RDCs. 

Thank you to Australian Eggs, Australian Meat Processor Corporation, Australian Pork, Australian Wool Innovation Limited, Cotton Research and Development Corporation, Dairy Australia, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Forest & Woods Products Australia, Grains Research and Development Corporation, Hort Innovation, LiveCorp, Meat and Livestock Australia, Sugar Research Australia, Wine Australia and AgriFutures Australia. 

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