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Thomas King evokeAG. Studio Podcast

Thomas King is the CEO of Food Frontier. For a decade, Thomas has driven initiatives in conservation, climate education and poverty alleviation across five contents.

5 Apr 2019
12 min read

Nitza Kardish evokeAG Podcast

With the world’s population growing, land and water resources becoming more and more stretched, and a changing climate, many are concerned that traditional agricultural methods won’t be able to meet the needs of the future.

4 Apr 2019
13 min read

John Harvey evokeAG Studio Podcast

John Harvey is the Managing Director of AgriFutures Australia. Since the commencement of his role in 2016, he has set a new, more commercial direction for the organisation.

2 Apr 2019
12 min watch

Mark Allison evokeAG Studio Podcast

Mark Allison was appointed Elders CEO and Managing Director in May 2014, after serving as Executive Chairman and Chairman of Elders Limited. He has extensive experience spanning 35 years in the agribusiness sector.

2 Apr 2019
11 min watch

Dror Tamir evokeAG Studio Podcast

If, as expected, the world demand for protein doubles by 2050, how do we make it work? One of the people offering a solution is Dror Tamir, CEO and co-founder of Hargol FoodTech.

2 Apr 2019
9 min watch

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