2020 Speakers.

Our speakers represent the worlds brightest minds. They are provoking thought leaders, disruptors and visionary innovators.
The speakers and the content are curated into three arenas – food, farm, future.

  • food
  • farm
  • future
  • Darryn Keiller


  • Mike Lee

    Founder, The Future Market
    Co-Founder and Co-CEO,
    Alpha Food Labs

  • Steven Saunders

    Founder & Managing Director
    Robotics Plus

  • Didier Toubia

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Aleph Farms

  • Jo Burston

    Co-Founder & Managing Director

  • Monica Chetty

    Pardoo Beef
    Director Strategic Partnerships

  • Andrew Coppin

    Managing Director
    Farmbot Monitoring Solutions

  • Amy Cosby

    CQUniversity Australia
    Research Fellow - Agri-tech
    Education & Extension

  • Callan Daley

    Field Technician
    MEQ Probe

  • Darren Hughes

    Co-Founder & Managing Director

  • Tony Hunter

    Futurist for Food

  • Brad Jones

    Bungulla Farming

  • James Madden

    Managing Director
    Flinders + Co.

  • Mark Mortimer

    Centre Plus Merinos

  • Matt Kovac

    Executive Director
    Food Industry Asia

  • Sarah Nolet

    Founder / Co-Director

  • Kelly Pearce

    Research Scientist
    Wheatbelt Science

  • Tom Rayner

    VP Sales

  • Ian Reilly

    Founder & Ambassador

  • Brian Ruddle

    Managing Director
    Impact Innovation Group

  • Prof. Salah Sukkarieh

    Prof. @ University of Sydney

  • Ben Van Delden

    AgriFood Tech Sector Lead
    KPMG Australia

  • Justin Webb

    Co-Founder & Chairman

  • Michael Zimmerman

    Main Sequence Ventures

2019 Highlights

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    115 Speakers from 12 different countries

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    33 International speakers


  • "What a fantastic event - from start to end, executed brilliantly. The world of food and ag and beyond is buzzing."

    David Smith, Ceres Tag (Speaker)
  • "It was both an honour and a privilege to be considered to contribute to evoke AG."

    Delegate, Post Event Survey
  • “Great to see the speaker gender and generational balance.”

    Delegate, Post Event Survey


    • Time to talk alternative foods
    • Capital raising – get the know how
    • Circular economy
    • 3D printing
    • Traceability
    • Provenance
    • Big data
    • Future consumer
    • Technology transforming supply chain
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Trust
    • The new consumer
    • Sustainable farming practice
    • Intelligent hardware
    • Plant based alternatives
    • Farming IP the true value
    • Who owns the farm?
    • The mechanised farm of tomorrow
    • Becoming an innovation nation
    • Supply chain
    • Blockchain
    • Biotechnology
    • New value chains
    • IoT
    • Food waste
    • Authentic Australian
    • Autonomous farming
    • VC conversations
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Social licence
    • Finance / funding / capital
    • Plant genetics
    • Machine learning
    • New food experiences
    • Raising capital
    • Gene editing – pathway to feed the planet
    • Innovation not just invention
    • Tech that will change the face of the industry
    • Farm robotics, mechanisation & equipment
    • Selling to millennials
    • Through the eyes of a startup
    • Machine learning
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