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Our Startup Program

Unlocking the future of agriculture.

About the program

The Startup Program aims to build the capacity of startups in the global agrifood tech ecosystem whilst providing a platform for founders to share their stories, and to showcase their products that are providing solutions to global agricultural challenges.

The program consists of six streams catering to early stage startups beginning their journey within the agrifood tech ecosystem, to showcasing successful scaleups and providing them the opportunity to create new market opportunities.

The program will discover the latest in innovative technology, connect founders with customers and investors and highlight the success stories in the agrifood tech sector.


  1. Provide a platform for Australian and New Zealand startups and international scale-ups to showcase their ideas in front of an international audience

  2. Expose startups to investment, networking, and customer opportunities

  3. Showcase our agrifood tech ecosystem and increase Australia and Asia Pacific’s global profile


2020 Startup Showcase

Watch highlights from the latest evokeAG. event.

Startup streams

The six streams that form our Startup Program cater to early stage startups right through to successful scaleups both in Australia and internationally.

Grassroots Series February – March 2021

This virtual series delivered by Cicada GrowLab in collaboration with evokeAG. will run from February to March 2021. This series will arm founders with the foundational knowledge they’ll need to build a strong, investable agtech business. We’ll plant entrepreneurial seeds in early stage innovators' minds and open new avenues for engagement.

They’ll learn real-world skills, connect with industry experts and hear from growers and founders alike. Each week, we’ll bring together some of the best minds in the industry to teach founders how they can change their mindset to focus on delivering innovative solutions to those that need it the most. We’ll also run mentor office hours — drop-in virtual sessions where people can connect directly with our network of highly curated mentors.

Startup Network April – July 2021

The Startup Network aims to build the networks and capability of Australian agtech startups to support adoption of new technology for farmers. The Startup Network will be delivered by AgriStart in collaboration with evokeAG. and will run from April to July 2021.

Founders will hear from industry experts through interactive online webinars and networking events, focused on agtech adoption and connecting key players in the agtech supply chain. Selected high potential, early stage startups will also receive individual mentoring and the opportunity to participate in a virtual showcase event and receive a professionally produced video promoting their business.

evokeAG. 2022 Early Stage Showcase

A platform for Australian and international early stage startups to showcase their agrifood tech products to an international audience and highlight the cutting edge innovation in the agrifood tech ecosystem. This platform is a pitch for customers or for investment, depending on the founders needs and a chance for founders to expand their networks and customer base.

Stay tuned for more information and the application timeline in 2021.

evokeAG. 2022 Scaleups Showcase

A platform for Australian and international scaleups whose agrifood tech products are solving global problems facing the Australian agricultural sector and are looking to elevate their company and create new market opportunities.

This stream will see founders showcasing their companies during a pitch presentation, and provides the ultimate opportunity for the startups to expand their customer base.

evokeAG. 2022 Startup Alley

Startup Alley will take pride of place in the heart of evokeAG. 2022, a hive of activity with founders showcasing their agrifood technology to the agricultural ecosystem in an exhibition style booth.

Startup Alley provides an opportunity to accelerate dynamic new ideas into the market by giving entrepreneurs exposure to local and international investors, corporates, government, producers, researchers, and fellow founders.

evokeAG. 2022 Investor Dinner

The Investor Dinner offers investment-ready startups who have previously raised capital in funding rounds or in some instances bootstrapped their company to where it is today, to pitch to a room full of domestic and international investors over an intimate dinner, and networking drinks.

The event is an exclusive event on the eve of evokeAG., and offers the chance to facilitate conversations and connections between international and local investors and agrifood tech founders.

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