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Aeration Control Australia

Aeration Control Australia (ACA) is part of the Industrial Automation Group, a company with a long history in automation and control. Based in the Joondalup Business Park near Perth, the company employs 15 engineering staff and technicians that design and manufacture all products in house.

The dedicated agricultural division focuses on the provision of better grain storage management. This includes the unique Aeration Manager ® control system and the supply and installation of Aeration Fans, Linear Actuators for fill lid automation, generators and solar systems. The Smarter Control cloud based supervisory system provides mobile device access and data recording


Agerris is a field robotics and intelligent systems company that is bringing innovative robotic solutions to solve on-farm challenges in the horticulture industry. Established in April 2019, Agerris is commercialising technology developed over the last 15 years from the Australian Centre for Field Robotics.

Our technology is the Digital Farmhand, which is an efficient mobile solar electric platform. With real time machine learning on-board for per plant crop intelligence, it’s intelligent tools can precisely spray and weed mechanically, meaning less chemicals required on farm. Having already been demonstrated on farms across Australia, the Digital Farmhand is built to improve the lives of farmers.

AgKonect Pty Ltd

AgKonect provides custom farm management systems. Farm businesses don’t want to change to fit in with a software platform – we reverse that with a platform that does what they want. We apply new data tools to existing farm processes. Data becomes easy to capture, manage and use for farm profitability.


AgUnity (powered by Axsari) is aiming to change the lives of smallholder farmers around the world by tackling issues such as a lack of trust, corruption, poor record-keeping and farming inefficiencies. The AgUnity app, smartphone and blockchain-based solution is specifically designed to deal with low-connectivity environments and high costs of telecommunication transmissions.

AgUnity first designed a digital solution that dealt with the immediate issues of a lack of trust by enabling secure, immutable peer- to-peer transactions. Progressively, we evolved beyond recording basic farm and industry records to our current AgUnity v3 App and ‘Axsari OS’ platform. The Axsari OS platform allows for the deployment of the AgUnity App as well as hundreds of other applets, where Service Providers can build on top of the technology and services of our platform (a ‘Super App’ ecosystem).

Ally's Basket

Ally’s Basket is a curated online marketplace offering a large range of perishable and non-perishable products from Australian suppliers into the rapidly growing SE Asia ecommerce market.

Australian products are highly trusted in Asia. However many Australian exporters don’t know how to access the market. We aim to provide a gateway for suppliers to access the SE Asia ecommerce market that is expected to grow to US$100 billion by 2025.

We currently service the B2C and B2B market in Singapore with high quality, trusted products sourced from Australia that provide great value for money or that otherwise not available in the region. With our own ecommmerce platform and end to end logistics network, we deliver products direct from Australia to consumers and businesses in Singapore.

Continuing demand in Asia is positioning Ally’s Basket to grow across the SE Asia market. Based in Melbourne and Singapore, our team is customer obsessed, collaborative, inspirational, responsible and dedicated to quality.

Arugga AI Farming

Arugga AI Farming is developing an autonomous ground robot which will treat and monitor individual plants in greenhouses. Our robots will provide a solution to the challenges growers face such as labour shortage and cost, pests and diseases, inaccurate yield prediction and pollination. We are initially focusing on pollination in greenhouse tomatoes.

Our robotic pollination module will replace the work of dwindling labor forces in countries where pollination is done manually. And it will replace the work of bumblebees, the most widely used pollination solution, solving their sensitivity to environmental conditions and pesticides, and preventing the spread of viruses.

Athena Irrigation

Athena Irrigation Technologies provide irrigation scheduling based on scientific evidence via plant water sensing technologies. Our team are driven by the desire to develop agtech and services, which allow water management based on the plants water status, and to take the ‘guesstimation’ out of the equation. Athena’s product ‘Transp-IR’ is a continuous crop water stress sensor based on proximal sensing with infrared thermometry, with the sensors communicating via LoRa wireless technology delivering data straight to the cloud.

Bee Innovative

Bee Innovative is unlocking global agriculture by maximising pollination. We have developed ‘BeeDar’, a radar-like sensor for bees that identifies tracks and reports bee pollination activity in near real time. This product revolutionises production. Producers can now identify areas of good pollination activity and more importantly poor pollination activity.

This critical information allows producers to recapture lost productivity, increasing crop yield, quality and value. BeeDarTM sensors are mounted on drones so they can track and report bee pollination activity on the scale of your crop.


BioScout provides a real-time disease tracking solution for farmers and agronomists who want to minimise their losses due to airborne fungal diseases. BioScout’s solution is made up of an integrated hardware and software platform that uses ground-based data and AI to track and analyse the spread of airborne diseases.

Our Startup Program

Building the capacity of startups in the global agrifood tech ecosystem whilst providing a platform for founders to share their stories, and to showcase their products that are providing solutions to global agricultural challenges.